foto_lexington2Lexington Bar was established in 2009. The owners wanted to create a modern relaxed vibe where native Catalans, Barcelona’s many resident and visiting ‘extranjeros’ could meet, mix and get to know each other.

The owners are a mixture of Irish and Catalan and have created a cosmopolitan bar where the many different nationalities in the neighborhood feel at home. It is a place to meet the people living in the area, to make friends, to argue about politics or sport and to welcome visitors, wherever that is with a kind word or a kiss! Lexington clients feel at home, welcome and part of a family.

It’s a place where you can look forward to walking in on your own during the afternoon sit back on the comfy chairs in the entrance, relax, order a slice of cake, sip a coffee and enjoy yourself. While you soak up the calm atmosphere feel free to plug in your laptop and get a bit of work done.

You might want to organize an afternoon business meeting in Lexington, our clients know to just give us a call and we can reserve the back room for you free of charge. We can accommodate private functions up to 45 people in our back room with several menu options, making us a popular venue for parties, celebrations and goodbyes.

foto_lexington1Evenings the atmosphere changes, we turn the lights down and light some candles, we might even stick a classic movie on the big screens and play some relaxing blues to help you unwind after a busy day.

We serve a well-priced international menu, from our famous Nachos Santa Fe to our delicious lamb burger with some Spanish classics like “huevos estrellados” and “croquetas de jamón” sprinkled in.

There are many dark corners for a romantic date or push a few tables together and sit down with a big group of friends.

After midnight the kitchen closes and the party starts, making Lexington a perfect launch pad for a big night out!